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The new version of our in-house list of CFD codes is now available to test. New models of dispersion, thermodynamic non-equilibrium, multi-component mixture models and new novel methods for modelling the interface between immiscible fluids are now available. Feel free to contact and get a free tour with hands-on experience.


Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is the art of solving the equations that govern physical phenomena using computers. CFD can give accurate predictions and provide solutions that do not suffer from empiricity, giving a detailed representation of the physics underpinning a process.

Quality, customability and flexibility

  • Open source software gets the closest to the processes’ needs because we can tailor and modify the software according to any specific needs.
  • No more CFD black boxes. Remember that CFD means programming and applying models, a limited or missing option in commercial software.
  • This means that the developers have access to the code and can provide high quality solutions dedicated to the client.

No licence, No extra charges

  • There is no need for the developers to pay for a license, a saving that can be passed onto the client.

OpenFOAM toolbox

The underlying framework for our simulations is the open source software OpenFOAM. The software established nearly 30 years ago offers a vast variety of solvers for industrial applications. Having an ongoing users community that supports and develops OpenFOAM, it is one of the most popular, trustable CFD software in the market offering many advantages for high performance and massively parallel computing. Additionally, Salome is used for mesh generation offering a cad-based platform with numerous capabilities for very complex geometries.
Paraview is one of the few post processing tools we use. Provided by Sandia laboratories, it has been used in academia and industry for data analysing and is also open source.