We ensure only best consulting services for our clients

Technical Support

MFX support team provides high-quality technical support to clients and prospects alike. Our team of CFD engineers is available to answer any questions, requests or problems encountered.

  • Our technical support includes:
  • Installation assistance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Maintenance (bug fix and update) assistance

All clients get access to additional support tools: manuals, tutorials, installation and troubleshooting guides, software download site.


To ensure you get the most from our software, MFX customer service team can provide introductory and/or in-depth training courses to improve your knowledge of the MFX products and underlying methods, and optimise the simulations you are running.

These courses are flexible in both time and content, and can be taken online. Training course content is an on-demand selection of:

  • Theory
  • Workflow including pre-processing tools, solvers and post-processing tools
  • Workshops covering different application use cases

MFX customer service team is a highly experienced group of engineers and experts in CAE and CFD, who can provide prompt responses and valuable advices to companies needing engineering/analysis services and project support.

We use our technology and expertise to provide high-quality professional services. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Engineering
  • Product design
  • Process optimization
  • CFD analysis

As the unique characteristics of MFX technology go beyond the limitations of traditional methodologies, our consulting services also apply to non-conventional applications. Please, let us know about your issue.

R&D activities

We are committed to our vision for better products and adopting novel ideas in our technology.
Using the significant experience of the members of our team we form research consortia with companies, research centres and universities and join forces for specific calls for innovation and other international R&D activities.

We contribute to the wider innovation community via:

  • Collaborations with OEMs. Extending our existing collaborations.
  • Collaborative R&D activities
    Being involved in the EU and UK Fluids network.
  • Knowledge sharing.    Presenting our findings in major conferences.
  • Participating in the meetings of the FABIG think-tank, an industry-driven consortium in the UK for H&S.