H2AI: Exploiting cloud computing and artificial intelligence technology for hydrogen storage & transportation towards net zero by 2050.

Energy security and decorbonisation are top priorities of the EU which supports numerous changes across the energy sector with the use of hydrogen being one of the biggest ones.

This project between MultiFluidX (Adopter) and Kaleidosim Technologies (Provider) explored the deployment of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) with machine learning (ML) that could lead the next-generation designing of hydrogen-based energy systems.

HUBCAP has provided us with the support and funding for utilising and testing and new cyber physical system for hydrogen, the first of its kind. Thanks to the constant engagement and support of the DIH and the whole HUBCAP team, both companies in the H2AI project were able to advance the technology of computational fluid dynamics simulations. It is a unique computational tool for optimising hydrogen production and application in various industries.

Through this combined effort, the H2AI experiment aims to be the first EU project with the specific goal of integrating AI with traditional physics-based Computer Aided Engineering in handling

hydrogen and improve the competitiveness of the EU industries. Thus, being part of the HUBCAP ecosystem, will help both participants to further engage with this new technology, connecting with

key-players in the EU market and being part of the pioneering long-term sustainable plan of HUBCAP. The latter is of extreme importance since it is expected to lead to synergies that will allow for more opportunities and additional funding from similar calls. The dissemination of the outcomes of the H2AI project though conference participation and future publications, generously supported by HUBCAP, is also a huge booth for both companies involved that will further increase the overall impact of the project.

Both companies have advanced their digital tools thanks to HUBCAP:

    • The provider has extended their cloud computing technology to allow dedicated simulation tools in MPflow® for hydrogen calculations
    • The adopter has upgraded their digitalisation level though the unique MSCC (Massive Simultaneous Cloud Computing) of KaleidoSim OpenFoam ®
    • The integration of machine-learing in MPflow® using the unique hydrogen data collected, have set the groundwork for more advances in the field of computer simulations in process engineering.