AWS is hosting a CTO Fellowship cohort in August. The CTO Fellowship offers early-stage CTOs resources, guidance, and community. Our CTO is participating and MFX is proudly involved into the 2022 track. This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity provides a platform to expand our expertise in cloud computing and collaborate with the brightest minds in the field.

The CTO Fellowship is a four-week program designed to provide seed-stage CTOs with technical resources, guidance and community. The program consists of short, weekly sessions with CTOs from top late-stage startups (Mailchimp, Twitch, Gorgias, LeafLink and more) covering a different theme each week (Hiring & Managing, How to Influence Your Product Roadmap, etc.) The program will also offer technical office hours and roundtables that will allow CTOs to dive deep on specific topics like APIs, Serverless, Cost Optimisation, and more. The program is invite only and designed to benefit all seed-stage startups, regardless of cloud preference.